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ACT Viet Nam technology is a research of many years of dedicated team for encapsulated environmentally clean gas in microcapsules in such a way that the gas gets liberated on temperature rise of the surrounding space due to fire which absorbs the heat and lets fire suppression takes place.

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ACT Viet Nam Technology

ACT Viet Nam technology is an innovative technology of fire suppression developed to extinguish fire at an early stage, directly in the area of inflammation.

It is a combination of two well proven technologies (a) Use of refrigerant compound for fire suppression and (b) Encapsulating the chosen fire suppression compound in micro capsules. ACT Viet Nam is pioneer in developing Polymeric microcapsule with set properties which burst at pre defined temperature. The microcapsulation technology is well-known in the world and is used in many areas, however, it is used for the first time in the field of fire suppression.

ACT Viet Nam Products can remain for many years in "standby mode" and automatically extinguish fire in a place where it occurs, without letting it develop into a fire based on a technology capable of suppressing fire. The materials includes microcapsules with fire suppression agent confined within.

How it works

Inside of all of the ACT Viet Nam based products there are tens of thousands of microcapsules that insure fire suppression when the temperature they are designed for is reached. The polymeric shell of microcapsules retains the fire retardant compound for many years and destructs only when reaching the set temperature.