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Logo Act VietNam technology is a research of many years of dedicated team for encapsulated environmentally clean gas in microcapsules in such a way that the gas gets liberated on temperature rise of the surrounding space due to fire which absorbs the heat and lets fire suppression takes place.

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KFI Certificate KFI Certificate KFI (Korea Fire Institute)
Winner Winner winner in the nomination “The best integrated solutions in the field of industrial safety” 2011
Most Innovative Product Most Innovative Product Most Innovative Product
Bronze Medal Bronze Medal 2011 Bronze medal for the development of “complex technological objects of fire extinguishers for different purposes.
Gold Medal Gold Medal Gold medal for “Putting out fires using nanomaterial carrier gas fire extinguishing agents, May 4, 2010.
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PyroCord- Automatic Fire Extinguishing Device used by Russian Government

PyroCord is an Automatic Fire Extinguisher for Electrical System. It is used by Russian Government for Buildings and Public Places

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